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Citation Resources, Avoiding Plagiarism, and Copyright/Fair Use Resources: Citation Management with Easy Bib & Google Docs

The place to find information on citation conventions in MLA 7th edition, avoiding plagiarism, copyright/Fair Use & Creative Commons information, and EasyBib. With *new* Google Apps resources.

Getting Started with Easy Bib & Google Docs

This guide is intended to help students use Easy Bib to manage their references and incorporate them into Google Docs.

Easy Bib is a popular product because it is simple to use. Please remember, however, that it is a tool to simplify citation, not a substitute for learning how to cite sources correctly. The GBS Library provides guides for citing dozens of source types on the first page of this Citation Reources LibGuide. You can also ask a friendly librarian for help at the Reference Desk, via email or via our new chat service.

Creating a Bibliography

EasyBib EDU is requiring all students to re-register this year to access their full-service accounts

If you do not have an EasyBib EDU Account, follow these instructions:

  • Go to this link:

  • Enter the GBS EasyBib EDU Coupon Code in the form: glenbhsil224

  • Fill out the form when prompted. The GBS Library strongly recommends using your GBS email (ID number and password when creating your account.

  • You are ready to go.

If you already have an EasyBib Account, follow these instructions:


If you signed up with your GBS Google account, use your ID and password.

If you did not use a GBS google account, use the personal email address and password you used to create the EasyBib account.

  • Enter the GBS EasyBib EDU Coupon Code in the form: glenbhsil224

  • EasyBib EDU will synchronize your old account with the new EDU account.

  • Your saved projects will be accessible.

  • You are ready to go.

4) EasyBib will take you to the your Projects page. Note the handy GBS Library links on right side. To start creating a bibliography, click the New Project button. You will be asked to name the project and choose the citation style. Choose MLA 7 as your citation style.

5) To make your project a bibliography (or Works Cited), choose Bibliography from the list of options.


6) Easy Bib will automatically put your bibliography in alphabetical order, so you don't have to worry about the order in which you enter your sources.

 Adding Citations

The Autocite feature

The Autocite feature allows you to automatically cite resources in Easy Bib. It can be a very helpful tool, particularly for citing books and *some* web sites.  You can also use the Manual Entry to cite any source of the 59 types provided. 

Citing books: The vast majority of books have an ISBN number. This number corresponds to the particular book. So the same title will have a different ISBN for a paperback than it will for a hardback version. You can find the ISBN number by looking for the barcode on the back of the book (not the GBS Library barcode sticker). It will look like this:

         Image from Wikimedia Commons (CC-SA-3.0)

1) Choose the Books tab at the top of the Autocite box. Put the ISBN number (no dashes or spaces) in the box.


2) Your results list may contain more than one record. That is because the records are pulled from catalog records created by librarians, and even librarians make mistakes :). Check the details in the records against the information on the title page of the book you are citing (publisher, publication date, etc.). If there are multiple records, choose the one that is the best match.


3) Clicking 'Select' will open up the template. Note that you can modify the entry. For example, you can choose to cite the whole book or just chapter of the book.  Check over the details in the template to make sure they're correct. Click the create citation button.

Citing Websites

Make sure that you check the information generated by the autocite function against the information provided on the site. Look for red boxes highlighting missing information.

In addition, make sure that the information in the autmatically filled boxes reflects the actual information on the site. In the example below, I had to correct the web page title because the information pulled into the form was incorrect (see green box).


Manual Entry

In many instances, it makes more sense to create a manual entry. Also, you may be directed to the manual entry form when you attempt to create an autocite entry.

1) Choose the appropriate source type (note: photos/art found on the internet are cited as Digital Images).

2) Enter all of the information you have in the relevant boxes (author, title, date, etc.).

3) Easy Bib will automatically organize the sources in alphabetical order.

Exporting to Google Docs

Do not copy and paste your Works Cited into a Google Doc--you may lose all of the formatting! Use the export fucntion instead.

When you are ready to export your bibliography to your Google Drive, use the drop down menu under the Export or Print button at the right of the screen.



The document will not retain its name when you export it to your Google Drive, so be sure to rename when you save it to your Google account.


This document is adapted from "Using Easy Bib for Reference Management" from the Z. Smith Reynolds Library at Wake Forest University.

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