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Biology 173--Unit 7 Evolution: How Biological Diversity Evolves

Video Resources to support Unit 7: Evolution

Explaining The Tree of Life--David Attenborough (BBC Earth) (5:24)

How Evolution Creates Hybrid Animals (Discovery News) (4:34)

How Did Feathers Evolve (Ted-Ed) (3:02)

A Brief History of Geologic Time (PBS) (12:07)

Plate Movement: 200 Million Years Ago to Present Day (California Academy of Sciences) (2:09)

Speciation: An Illustrated Introduction (Cornell Ornithology Lab) (8:24)

Speciation (7:07)

Finding Tiktaalik: Neil Shubin on the Evolutionary Step from Sea to Land (5:49)

How Does Radiometric Dating Work? (Ars Technica) (4:37)

Six Extinctions in 6 minutes (American Museum of Natural History) (8:02)

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