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Video Creation Guide

Exporting & Publishing Your Video

When you have completed your editing and are ready to generate your final video, you need to click the Finish button to render out your video file.  WeVideo defaults to publishing videos to the WeVideo site, but you can also choose to upload the final video to another service as well.  YouTube and Google Drive are both supported locations, so consider how you want people to find and view your video when deciding where it should be exported.

WeVideo has directions available HERE that walk you through finalizing your project and optionally uploading it to another service.

The time it takes to render your video will vary based on the length, resolution, and complexity of your project.  Once you have started the rendering process, you can safely leave the page and wait for the movie to be generated.  We usually recommend rendering at 720p as a compromise between video quality and length of rendering time, but you can also select a higher resolution if you wish.

Submitting to Google Classroom Printable Handout

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