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US History LA--Civil War Scrapbook Project: Civil War Primary Sources

Civil War Scrapbook Assignment

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Portraits & Other Photos of the Civil War Era


Brothers Private Stephen D. and Private Moses M. Boynton of Co. C, Beaufort District Troop, Hampton Legion South Carolina Cavalry Battalion. (Library of Congress)

Newspaper Resources from the Civil War Era

Civil War Political Cartoons

Civil War Maps

Maps of Major Battles and More.

Map of the Battlefield of Fredericksburg, Virginia (1862)

Civil War Era Music & Poetry

Includes music and lyrics unless it says lyrics only.

Songs of the Northern Armies

Battle Hymn of the Republic

Battle Cry of Freedom

May God Save the Union

Marching Tunes

Eatin' Goober Peas

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again


Songs of the Southern Armies

Dixie (Even Abraham Lincoln liked this tune--it's really catchy)

God Save the South (lyrics only)

God will Defend the Right

The Bonnie Blue Flag

Other Popular Civil War Era Songs Sung by Soldiers

Hard Times, Come Again No More (lyrics only)

The Yellow Rose of Texas (lyrics only)

Aura Lee (this tune was later used by Elvis Presley in "Love me Tender")


Civil War Poetry

Civil War Poetry (Library of Congress)

Civil War by Charles Dawson Shanley


Key Terms

Definitions of some uncommon terms from the artifacts

Bounty-- gift or reward of money, usually from the government. On the recruitment posters, it refers to a cash reward for signing up for the military.

Cavalry-- soldiers who fight on horseback

Infantry-- soldiers who fight on foot

Regiment-- a large unit of soldiers that is usually commanded by a colonel

Goober peas-- peanuts

Dixie-- Nickname for the Southern part of the US

Civil War Recruitment Posters

Assorted Cool Artifacts

Smithsonian Resources 

When looking at images on the Smithsonian sites listed below, you need to click on the images to enlarge them. Next, you can right click on the enlarged images to save them to your chromebook.

Newspaper Advertisements from the Civil War Era

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