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Rhetoric 463 - Tipping Point: Primary Research

Conducting Primary Research


1. Identify an important person or expert related to your trend or movement.


  • Doug Palladini, Vans' global brand president
  • Vanessa del Valle, Northwestern law professor working to end Chicago Police Department's Gang Database
  • Mr. Koo, assistant principal of student activities


2. Find an interview of that person OR write questions and conduct your own.


3. To find an interview, search Google.

interview “Doug Palladini”

interview “Vanessa del Valle”


4. Also consider these well-respected interviewers. Use the search box on each website.


Terry Gross

Katie Couric




1. Identify the group(s) related to your trend or movement. Determine how many people you want to contact, the demographics of your sample (age, gender, etc.) and how you plan to reach these people.


2. Write survey questions that are unbiased and call for short, specific answers.


3. Use Google Forms to create your survey.

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