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English 273 - Art as Activism: Home

What to Look For

Tips for Researching your Artist

Make a note of the names and dates of major events that relate to his/her/their art and activism. These are important facts, as well as keywords you can use to refine your research.

Example: If searching for Yoko Ono, include the bed-in of 1969.

Make a note of the names of other people and/or organizations that your person worked for and policies and initiatives that your person worked to change.

Example: Yoko Ono began her career as an avant-garde artist in the Fluxus movement. She later became more overtly political, tackling issues such as world peace and fracking

Start Here: Biography Resources

Google Search

When evaluating a source on Google, remember to ask these questions:

Who is behind it?

What is the evidence?

What do others say?

Google Web Search

Country and Culture Information

For historical figures, focus on the country during the period when the person was active as well as his/her legacy today. 

Sample Citation for chapter out of Country Studies:

"Title of Chapter." Title of Book, date of publication, Title of Website, Editor, url.

“The Post-Trujillo Era.” Dominican Republic: A Country Study, 1989, Country Studies, edited by Richard A. Haggerty,

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