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Pacific Rim 161: Culture & Identity: Evaluating video resources

Resources for the Culture & Identity Unit

Tips for Evaluating

If the video is hosted on a site like YouTube or Vimeo, then you need to do some extra work to evaluate its credibility.

  • You need to figure out who is responsible for the content (who produced/directed/wrote the video).
  • You need to evaluate the video’s content. For example, if you find a video on YouTube that purports to be educational, you should do some additional research on the content creator's background to discover their qualifications and the perspective they bring.
  • You also need to verify any statistics or factual information using other sources.
  • Be sure to look at the date; what was accurate several years ago may not be accurate now because we live in a fast-changing world.


Adapted from The Tufts Libraries

Some Popular Asia Based Vloggers on YouTube

Putting it into practice

This looks promising, but let's dig a bit deeper before spending 12 minutes on it:

  • It's relatively recent. That's good.
  • It looks professional and has a lot of views but that isn't necessarily indicative of quality. Let's see more about WithLocals:

They give some helpful background information on their "Our Story" section of their website:


What do other people have to say about them?
(Pro Tip: A well-written Wikipedia entry doesn't mean much. People and businesses pay to have flattering Wikipedia pages authored for them.)

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