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Biology 163: 2040 Fishbowl Resources

Resources to support the 2040 challenges

Energy Resources

Which Energy Sources Are Most Promising?

Green energy: Which sources are the most sustainable? (6:07):

Watch the whole video at right or click on the time codes below to jump to a specific question:

Fossil fuels still supply about 80% of the world’s power.

How can energy be produced and used more sustainably to meet climate targets?

We answer your questions:

00:00 - Why energy needs to become more sustainable

00:33 - How much energy should come from renewables?

01:19 - Why isn’t nuclear power used more widely?

02:19 - How can solar power be made more efficient?

03:34 - Will biofuels become widely used?

04:30 - Do electric vehicles make a difference?

05:10 - How heating and air conditioning can be more sustainable







The Elevator Pitch: Is Nuclear Power Safe? (1:17)



Social/Environmental/Economic Issues


Solar Energy
Wind Energy
Nuclear Energy

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