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Sociology 161: Gender Socialization & Fashion

Resources on fashion, gender, and social norms.




Jamb statues at Chartres Cathedral  of figures wearing draped bilauts

Chartres Cathedral, West figures, c. 1150-70 [France]

"The most well known bliaut examples are seen on the statues at Chartres in France. These bliauts drape in knife-like pleats that suggest they are made of silk... Both men and women wear floor length bliaut. Many bliauts include a double wrapped belt." 

Aibell ingen Dairmata, 2009

St. Albans Psalter, ca. 1119-1146, The Mocking of Christ, pg 43 [England]

"See the knee length bliauts on the two men surrounding Christ. Notice the trim at neck, wrist, and hem. The keyhole necklines extends to the waist." Aibell ingen Dairmata, 2009

A frecso dipicting the story of

A frecso dipicting the story of "the foolish virgins" from Castel d'Appiano in Trentino Alto Adige, Italy, ca. 1130

Note the long flowing sleeves and the tight waists. 

 Aibell ingen Dairmata, 2009

St. George fights the dragon in an illuminated manuscript

St. George slays the Dragon, page from The Cîteaux Moralia in Job ca. 1111 [France]

"The bliaud of Saint George is another good example of the tight-fitting, long bliaud of the period. Note, however, that the tunic worn by the smaller figure beneath Saint George is knee-length. This difference in length, longer for the wealthy and shorter for workmen and soldiers, was typical of the period (Boucher 164)." Click image to enlarge.

Jennifer Pronesti. "1964. Glenville, Becket." Fashion History Timeline.

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