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Health - Noncommunicable Disease Project: Web Resources

Government Websites

Alzheimer's Disease Fact Sheet (National Institute on Aging)

What is Asthma? (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute)

Asthma (CDC)

Arthritis (Medline Plus)


Allergy (Medline Plus)

What is Cancer? (National Cancer Institute)

Diabetes (Medline Plus)

Diabetes: Basics (CDC)

Emphysema (Medline Plus)

Heart Disease (CDC)

What is Coronary Heart Disease? (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute)

High Blood Pressure (Medline Plus)

Nonprofit Websites

Alzheimer's Association


Asthma (American Lung Association)

Asthma (Mayo Clinic)

Arthritis Foundation

Arthritis (Cleveland Clinic)

Allergies (Mayo Clinic)

Cancer A to Z (American Cancer Institute)

American Diabetes Association


Emphysema (American Lung Association)

Heart Attack/Cardiac Arrest (American Heart Association)


High Blood Pressure (American Heart Association)

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