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World History Generation Z Research Project: Ethnic / Religious Tensions

Research Tips for getting started

1) Read the articles below for background information on your topic. 

2) Be sure to distinguish between news/facts and opinions when you are reading. Many topics below have been selected because there are a range of possible solutions and responses to the problems. It's important to be aware of the differences between what is known and what is being predicted or recommended by an author.

Pro Search Tip:  As you encounter new keywords in your reading write down these keywords so you remember them. Writers in different fields (political science, economics, etc.) often use specialized terms. Make a note of them and use them in your searches to refine your results.

3) Narrow your general topic to a manageable research question. 

For example, if your topic is inequality between wealthy and poorer nations, you will need to narrow it to a specific question that you can research in the period of time you have for this project. So, I have chosen to ask the question:

What types of Aid are Most Helpful to Developing Countries?

4) Next, brainstorm possible keywords. Remember to include the synonyms and other related concepts you encounter in your reading when constructing your list.  For example, other phrases used to describe developing countries are "developing nations" and "less developed countries"

Ethnic/Religious Tensions

Racism/Ethnocentrism in European Soccer Leagues (FIFA/EPL)

Remember, most people outside of the US use the term football for soccer.

Rising White Nationalism (Internationally, not US)

Burqa / Veil Bans 

Note: Burqa is also spelled burka in some publications.You will also see other terms for face veils and head scarves (niqab; hijab). Make a note of them because these differences are relevant in the different laws pertaining to veils and head coverings.

Rising Anti-Semitism in Europe

Growth of Religions

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