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English 363 - Just Mercy (Katz): Start here

Tips for Success


Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

A 12-year-old Boy Sits in his Cell Topic Overview from Opposing Viewpoints 

Refugees in the United States

Migrants Wait Near the US Border in Mexico Topic Overview from Opposing Viewpoints

People Who Are Homeless

Cleaning Up a Homeless Encampment near the White House Topic Overview from Opposing Viewpoints 


Amid the Pandemic, Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery Topic Overview from Opposing Viewpoints

People Living in Poverty

Celebrities from the Los Angeles Rams Volunteer at LA Regional Food Bank Topic Overview from Opposing Viewpoints

Adults in Prison

An inmate walks through the living area of an overcrowded prison in Alabama. Topic Overview from Opposing Viewpoints

Children of Undocumented Immigrants

DACA Supporters Rally on Capitol Hill Topic Overview from Opposing Viewpoints

People with Mental Illness

A 15 year-old girl with emotional disorder being counseled in family therapy. Topic Overview from Opposing Viewpoints 

Youth in Foster Care

Foster Care Topic Overview from Gale Power Search

People with Disabilities

Despite Full Ride to Stanford, Disabled Student Still Faces Financial Obstacle of Affording Daily Care Topic Overview from Opposing Viewpoints

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