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Sociology Research Resources: Research Resources

Grand Central Station

grand central station (crop)

Grand Central Station, New York. 2017. Public domain.

Database & other Scholarly Resources

Reference eBook Resources

Reference eBooks are a great place to find background information such as:
  • overviews of topics
  • key concepts and theories
  • names of important people and organizations

Database Key

primary : Contains primary sources.

starter : Great resource for beginning research.

News : Contains news and/or other current events resources.

scholarly : Contains articles from academic and professional journals.

: Requires username & password from home.

: Text-to-Speech function.

: Content exports into Google Drive.

: Contains audio.


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Influential Political Think Tanks and Research Centers

Think Tanks and Research Centers

 Harvard Kennedy School Think Tank Search

Think Tank Search is a custom Google search of over 1200 think tank websites.

For the purposes of this search, think tanks are defined as institutions affiliated with universities, governments, advocacy groups, foundations, non-governmental organizations, and businesses that generate public policy research, analysis, and activity. 

PRO TIP: Always look at the "About Us" page and the organization's mission statement to find out what a think tank's biases and goals are.

Influential Think Tanks

Non-partisan does *not* mean that an organization does not have a political agenda; many do and some do not (notably, the Pew Research Center, which bills itself as a "fact tank" to highlight this difference). Be sure to look at the organization's mission statement and the "about us" sections of the site. 

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