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What is Going on with the Russia-Ukraine War?: Current Conflict and Historical Context

Current events and historical background about the issues,

Overviews of the Conflict in Historical Contest

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Europe's  Moves to Diminish Energy Dependence on Russia

PBS News

Patricia Herlihy, Brown University (2:15)

Douglas Blum, Providence College (1:59)

Ukrainian parents describe raising a baby in a war zone (3:54)

More than 1.5 million children have fled Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion, according to the UN.

Many more have been displaced due to the violence that has spread across the country.

For Iryna and Serhii, the priority was the safety of their one-year-old son Petro.

For the first week of the war, the family divided their time between home and the bomb shelter. But as the violence continued, Petro became distressed, leaving the family no choice but to seek safety elsewhere.

How military drones became a decisive factor in the Russia-Ukraine war (9:30)

Drones have been an important weapon on both sides of the Ukraine war. The unmanned aircraft do many jobs, from providing video images from the sky, to launching missiles to destroy military or civilian targets. Reports say the US is now sending ultra-light switchblade 'suicide drone' devices to help Ukraine. But will it make a difference in the war against Russia?

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Did the US Promise Not to Expand NATO Eastward in the 1990s?

Way-Way Backstory: History of Russian-Ukrainian Relations

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