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Academy English 393 - Research Project: Magazines, Newspapers, Journals & Great Places on the Web

Resources for exploring ontological questions and big ideas

Secrets of Super Searchers: Database Searching

Secrets of Super-Searchers (tips for web searching and database searching):

  •  ‚ÄčMore specific keywords lead to more specific results.  If you're interested in research on how people assess physical beauty, combine search terms that reflect what you're seeking, for example: beauty AND psychology AND research.
  •  Database Tip: Each database is a bit different, but if you can select feature articles, cover stories, essays, you will get more targeted results than if you don't use the limiters. In JSTOR, choose Articles to avoid book reviews. 
  • If you find that authors are using different (or additional) terms to describe your topic, use the terms you find in your search. (e.g. many authors & researchers use wealth and/or income when describing money as it relates to individuals), search again using the terms you find.

News Resources, Magazines, & Journals (GBS Databases)

All of these resources require your GBS ID (number only) and password for home access.

Scholarly Articles & Literary Criticism (GBS Databases)

All of these resources require your GBS ID (number only) and password for home access.

Database Key

primary : Contains primary sources.

starter : Great resource for beginning research.

News : Contains news and/or other current events resources.

scholarly : Contains articles from academic and professional journals.

: Requires username & password from home.

: Text-to-Speech function.

: Contains audio.

Great Sources of Longform Journalism, Essays & More

Longform articles are non-fiction pieces that go into depth about a particular topic. 

Audio Resources

Sample Essays

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