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US History LA -- Radio Broadcast: Start Here!

Copy of Assignment

Radio Broadcasters Wanted!

Learning Target: To create a podcast on the lifestyles of the 20s by writing a script and recording with soundtrap. .

WGN Radio 720 is looking for a morning show duet (meaning two people)- that can entertain and deliver the news.  To apply you and your co-host must come up with a routine to use at your audition.

Your routine must be 1-2 pages typed in a Google Doc, along with 1920s slang, it must include:

●     Real News from the 1920s: Choose two topics to include in your news segment:

○      Prohibition (18th Amendment)

○      19th Amendment

○      Scopes Trial

○      Sacco & Vanzetti

○      Charles Lindbergh

○      Organized Crime

●      A style section-what are the styles of the twenties~  What are men wearing? What fashion trends are women following?

●      A sports announcement: Choose two topics to include in your news segment on sports:

○      Babe Ruth

○      Baseball (Cubs, White Sox)

○      The Olympics


●      A social section (history on women, African Americans, children).  Choose two topics to include in your social section:

○      Flappers

○      Harlem Renaissance

○      Jazz Music

○      Dancing

●      Any other relevant history: In your news segment, please include some other relevant history that is interesting to you…

○      Economy

○      Model T

○      Electricity

○      New Appliances

At the bottom of your script, you MUST include all the links that you used, even if from the libguide.

Now that your script is done, you will submit your audition by recording it on Soundtrap.  Follow the directions here. to record & edit with Soundtrap (you will need to use headphones to record your broadcast).  You will insert  your link on this Google Form.

Remember you must be entertaining and historically accurate

●      Use your voice-loud, excited, fun!

●      Include 20s slang (remember the game we played in class?)

●      Be very descriptive—you will get the job if you are descriptive

●      Clear and loud

Sample 20s Radio Broadcast

Check out a sample 20s radio project here:

1920s Radio Broadcast Project

1920's Slang

Applesauce-- Insincere or foolish talk; nonsense (Example: “Don’t listen to Donald, he’s full of applesauce.”)

Attaboy! -- Well done. Also Attagirl! 

Bee’s knees-- Something or someone really special; the best. (Example: “Your new bob haircut is the bee’s knees!”). The cat’s meow was used in the same way.

Dame-- a woman (Example: “That dame knows what she’s talking about.”)

Clam-- a dollar (Example: “Can you loan me a few clams?”)

Duck soup -- easy (Example: “Sure I can do that. It’s duck soup.”)

Egg-- A man (Example: “He’s a good egg.”)

Fire Extinguisher-- A chaperone (Example: "We can't dance with that fire extinguisher watching over us").

Flivver-- A nickname for the Model T. Sometimes used to suggest a cheap car or airplane, especially one in bad condition. (Example: “That flivver is going to fall apart any day now.”). Pronounced with a short "i," as in "give".

Fuzz-- Police (Example: “Watch out! Here comes the fuzz!”)

Getaway sticks--legs (Example: “Use your getaway sticks! The cops are here!”)

"I have to go see a man about a dog." -- I am going to buy some whisky (remember, it’s the Prohibition Era, so liquor was illegal and people couldn’t openly discuss buying it.)

Jake--Okay; fine. (Example: “Everything is Jake.”)

Know one’s onions--to know what is going on; to know what one is talking about.  (Example: “He’s a smart guy who really knows his onions.”)

Lettuce--Money (Example: “Can you loan me some lettuce?”)

Peepers--Eyes (Example: “That Clara Bow has some beautiful peepers.”)

Phonus balonus--Nonsense. (Example: “I know he says he knows Al Capone, but that’s phonus balonus!”)


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