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US History LA -- Radio Broadcast: 1920s News

People & events in the News

Helpful Hint: When looking at information about famous people, only look at the part(s) of the articles that deal with the 1920s.

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Al Capone

Charles Lindbergh  Text to Speech function

Clarence Darrow  Text to Speech function

William Jennings Bryan  Text to Speech function

Sacco and Vanzetti

Prohibition & the 18th Amendment  Text to Speech function

Women's Suffrage & the 19th Amendment  Text to Speech function

Scopes "Monkey" Trial  Text to Speech function

Key Terms in the News

Here are some key terms you might find in the newpaper articles below (Bonus! the ones in purple are also 1920s slang):

Ratification--the action of signing a treaty, contract, or agreement, making it officially valid. (Constitutional amendments go into effect after they are ratified)


Bootlegging-- Making, selling, or distributing an illegal product. In the 1920s, this product was liquor.

Bravo-- a hired killer

Hooch-- liquor, especially poor quality bootleg liquor


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