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MLA Citation Resources

GBS Citation Guide for MLA Format--Magazines, Newspapers & Journals

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 Magazines and Newspapers in GBS Library Databases

 Scholarly Articles in GBS Library Databases

 Magazines, Newspapers, Other News Sources and Journals accessed on the Web

 Sources from Print Periodicals (Magazines, Newspapers, and Journals)

 Letters to the Editor, Editorials and Reviews  (redirects to Other Common Sources)


Citing Magazines and Newspapers from the GBS Databases

Follow the order of items listed in the sample citation below. If there is no author, skip it and go directly to the title of the source. See additional guidelines at the bottom of this section.

You will want to include the stable URL in your citations. See the short video Finding Stable URLs On the Web for more information.

Check to see if the database that you are using includes a recommended citation for the specific article. These are very common and are usually linked from the top and/or after the article. Many databases will have not have MLA 8 citations at this point. Note: You will likely still need to refine the citation for your Works Cited, but the MLA 7 is similar to MLA for GBS database citations.

Basic Citation Format:

Authors's Last name, First name. "Title of Article." Title of Publication (Container), Publication date,

          Location (Page  numbers)[if available], Title of Online Subscription Service (Container 2), Location

         (Stable URL).

Additional Information:

  • Page numbers are cited as follows:  p.23 (single page) and pp. 23-45 (multi-page)
  • Use a + after the initial page of an article if the pagination is not consecutive (pp. 32+)

Chicago Tribune News in Education (Last 30 Days of the Chicago Tribune) Note: there is no stable URL for this resource. Omit the URL and use the page number(s) as the location.:

O’Connell, Patrick M. and Blair Kamin. “More Rancor over Lucas Museum Site.” Chicago Tribune, 22 June 2016, pp. 1+.

Mead, Rebecca. "Significant." The New Yorker, 3 Oct. 2011, p. 24. ProQuest Research Library,

World News Digest:

“Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane Near Turkey-Syria Border; Russia-Turkey Relations Rapidly Deteriorate.” 

       World News Digest, 3 Dec. 2015,


Chicago Tribune & other ProQuest newspaper databases (Includes ProQuest Historical Newspapers):  

Use the “cite” tool to see the exact database name and publication information needed for MLA citation. Note: You will still need to refine the citation for your Works Cited. 

Be sure to get the stable URL. In ProQuest databases, it is in the address bar at the top of the page. This is *not* typical of subscription databases. Most databases will direct you to the stable link via the "citation tools" or "cite" link.

Not all ProQuest databases will have ProQuest listed as the name of the database (see several examples below). Use the name of the database listed in the citation generated when you click “cite.”

Attanasio, Paul. "Slam! Bang! Pinned by Wrestling!" The Washington Post, 1 Apr. 1985, p. 2. ProQuest,

"Cotton, Cotton Goods and Cotton Prospects." Memphis Daily Appeal, 9 May 1863, pp. 2. ProQuest, 

Garvey, Georgia. “Schakowsky's Town Hall on Health Care is Heated.” Chicago Tribune, 1 Sep. 2009, p. 10. Chicago


Gaspay, Les. “Mandatory Automobile Mileage Standards Are Pushed by EPA, Weighed by Nixon.”Wall Street Journal,

         11 Feb. 1974, p. 3. The Wall Street Journal (1923-Current File),



Citing Scholarly Articles in GBS Library Databases

Scholarly journals differ slightly from magazine articles. Remember to list the volume and issue numbers, if applicable (Not all journals use issue numbers). 

  • Volume and number are written as: vol. 23, no. 11.
  • Use a + after the initial page of an article if the pagination is not consecutive.
  • Do not put a period after the journal title, use a comma.

Citation Format:

Author’s last name, first name. “Article Title.” Title of Journal (Container), vol., no., Publication date,

         Location (Page numbers). Title of Online Subscription Service (Container 2), Location (URL or DOI).


Geertz, Clifford.An Inconstant Profession: The Anthropological Life in Interesting Times.” Annual Review of

        Anthropology, vol. 31, 2002, pp. 1-19. JSTOR,

Literature Resource Center:

(This format is for scholarly literary criticism articles. For background/ reference articles in this database, see our GBS Reference Database guide):

Behrman, Mary. "The Waiting Game: Medieval Allusions and the Lethal Nature of Passivity in Ian McEwan's

        Atonement." Studies in the Novel, vol. 42, no. 4, 2010. pp. 453+. Literature Resource Center, url=


ProQuest Research Library:

Shipley, Jesse Weaver. "Comedians, Pastors, and the Miraculous Agency of Charisma in Ghana." Cultural Anthropology,

        vol. 24 no3, 2009, pp. 523-552. ProQuest Research Library,


Citing Magazines, Newspapers, and other News Sources accessed on the Web

Follow the order of items listed in the sample citation below.  If there is no author, skip it and go directly to the article title.

Additional Tips:

  • Magazine, newspaper, and other articles from news sources will always have publication dates. They are usually found at the top of the article, under the headline but before the text of the article begins. Use the date it was published online if this differs from the print publication date.
  • Publisher’s name is omitted for periodicals (magazines, newspapers and journals).

Basic Citation Format:

Author’s last name, first name. “Title of Article.” Title of Newspaper, Magazine, or Other News Source

         (Container),  Publication date, Location (URL). 

Basic Newspaper/Magazine/Other News Articles from Web Sites:

Dardick, Hal and Juan Perez. “Mayor Asks for City Authority to Buy CPS Debt.” Chicago Tribune, 17 June 2016,


Gopnik, Adam. “Van Gogh’s Ear.” New Yorker, 4 Jan. 2010,

Lawson, Richard. “The Reagan Administration’s Unearthed Response to the AIDS Crisis Is Chilling.” Vanity Fair, 1 Dec.


Smith, Karen. “Stranded American Researcher Evacuated from South Pole.”, 17 Oct. 2011,

Streitfield, David. “Amazon Signs Up Authors, Writing Publishers Out of Deal.” New York Times, 16 Oct. 2011,

Journal Articles on the Web:

Author’s last name, first name. “Article Title.” Title of Journal (Container), Volume. Issue number, Publication

             date,  Location (Page numbers) [if avail.], Title of website/free online database(Container 2), Location

              (use DOI if available, otherwise use URL).

Papachristos, Andrew V., et al. “More Coffee, Less Crime? The Relationship between

Gentrification and Neighborhood Crime Rates in Chicago, 1991 to 2005.” City and Community, vol. 10, no. 17

Aug. 2011, pp. 215-240. Wiley Online Library, doi: 10.1111/j.1540-6040.2011.01371.x.

Citing Sources from Print Periodicals (Magazines, Newspapers, and Journals)

Citations for Print periodical sources contain exactly the same information as those of periodicals on the web except that the Location is the page number(s) rather than a URL. All print periodicals have page numbers.

As with all sources, if there is no named author, proceed to the title of the article as the first item in your citation.

Basic Citation Format:

Author’s last name, first name. “Title of Article.” Title of Newspaper, Magazine, or Other News Source

         (Container)  Publication date, Location (page numbers).

Basic Magazine/Newspaper Format:

Binelli, Mark. "Hamilton Mania!" Rolling Stone, 16 June 2016, pp. 36-43.

Dorfman, Daniel I. "Runners Raise Funds for Youth Services." Northbrook Tower, 23 June 2016, p. 12.

Basic Journal Format:

Shivi, John A, " Non-Lethal Alternatives for Predation Management." Sheep and Goat Journal, vol. 19, 2004, pp.64-71.

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