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MLA Citation Resources

Social Media/User-Generated Sources--MLA Format

As with all internet based resources, make sure you use the stable URL in your citation so your reader can locate the original source. Most of the time, you can access the stable URL by clicking the "share" button or the share icon: 

See our short video Finding Stable URLs for more information.

Newsletter Citation Format:

Author’s last name, first name (or corporate name or username). “Title of Post.” Title of Blog,

          Publisher (only needed if publisher is responsible for the contents; not needed for WordPress, Blogger,

          etc.) Publication date, Location (URL).

Kristoff, Nicholas. “The Famine in Somalia and How to Help.” On the Ground. New York Times, 17 Sep. 2011,

“Budgie Balancing Act.” Best in Flock, 6 Oct. 2011,

Narcisse, Evan. “Which Game is the Best Match for this Steampunk Xbox 360 Controller?” Kotaku, Gawker Media,

          18 Oct. 2011,

X (Formerly Twitter) Citation Format:

Please note that the @ is left out when alphabetizing the author's name in the Works Cited and/or bibliography.

@twitter handle. (Author’s First name Last name or Corporate name) [include if known]. “Use entire text of post as

            title. [Do not change capitalization].” Twitter (Container), Date of post, time of post, Location (URL).

@nortonofmorton. (G.M. Norton). "Thanks to Oxfam, I've acquired the brightest red trousers since the Charge of the

           Light Brigade. I'm rather hoping for a better outcome." 15 June 2016, 10:01 a.m.,


@ForeignAffairs (Foreign Affairs). "The fight over Brexit is a reflection of the social exclusion that arises in a world of 

          stark economic inequality." 29 June 2016, 8:30 a.m.,

Basic Video Sharing Website (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) Citation Format for user created videos:

Author/Creator Last name, first name or poster’s Username. “Title of Video.” Title of Hosting Website

          (Container), Other contributors (if available), Date of Upload, Location (URL). 

Slothville TV. "Super Cute Sloth Squeak!" YouTube, 9 Apr. 2014,

West, Mina. "Let's Be Honest: Spoken Word Poetry." YouTube, 27 Apr. 2015,

Image Sharing Website (Flickr, Photobucket, etc.) Citation Format:

Artist’s last name, first name or Organization or Username. “Title of Image.” Title of Hosting Website

           (Container), Publication dateLocation (URL). 

McManus, Richard. "King Penguins, Falklands." Flickr, 3 Jan. 2013,

attahasi. "Hdr." Photobucket, 5 June 2007, i1175.

Podcast Citation Format (Online):

"Title of Podcast Episode." Title of Program, narrated by Narrator’s First and last name (If available),

         (Container), number of episode (if available),  Podcast date (if available), Title of Website (Container 2),

         Location (URL). Date of Access (optional).

"Sanders in California, Ryan Meets Trump, and More." Black Tea Party, 17 May 2016, Podcast


"Talking Byliner and the Hard Road for Publishing Startups with Richard Nash." NextMarket Podcast,

        narrated by Michael Wolf, episode 88, Soundcloud,



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