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English 273 - Current Issues (Kim): Social Issues in the News

Tips for Researching with Journalism Sources

Be sure to write down the names of any experts as well as important people and organizations related to your topic to refine your research and gather more information. Google the names of these people and/or organizations to find out more about them. This is where Google is your friend. 

If a particular study is discussed, see if you can find the original research or a good summary of it; Universities and other institutions will often post studies getting a lot of attention in the news or very good summaries of the research being reported on their web sites.  

Remember, opinion pieces (op eds) and editorials and columnists want to persuade you to adopt their point of view. Be sure that you understand which parts of their pieces deal with facts and which parts are the author's opinions. 

Magazines and News from the Web

Think Tanks and Other Research Institutes

PRO TIP: Always look at the "About Us" page and the organization's mission statement to find out what a think tank's biases and goals are.

Non-partisan does *not* mean that that an organization does not have a political agenda; many do and some do not (notably, the Pew Research Center, which bills itself as a "fact tank" to highlight this difference). 

Magazines and News from GBS Databases

Database Key

primary : Contains primary sources.

starter : Great resource for beginning research.

News : Contains news and/or other current events resources.

scholarly : Contains articles from academic and professional journals.

: Requires username & password from home.

: Text-to-Speech function.

: Contains audio.

Home Access to Databases

All GBS Library databases and e-books are accessible from home with your GBS Username & Password. 

If you see the screen shown below, use your GBS username (ID number only) and password to log in. Use the same username & password you use to log into all other GBS resources (Power School, library lab computers, etc):

If you don't see this screen but are still asked for a username and password:

Click HERE** to access the old-school password list and use the passwords on the list to log in.

If you are having login trouble, please let the Library know by filling out this brief Login Problems Form  so we can fix it.

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